With real estate development at the core of the company’s business model, MSDRE conducts market research and feasibility studies to determine the most suitable plot of land to acquire. MSDRE is thus involved in the entire design and development process; working with in-house architects and subcontractors for the entire length of the project to deliver highly efficient residential and commercial units.

Asset Management

MSDRE’s asset management division functions as a real estate and financial consultancy, and offers services in asset valuation, investment advisory, and succession planning. The company manages investor portfolios, determining the market value of properties and structuring income-generating solutions for such assets.

Interior Design

Interior Design is a key part of our business model as it keeps us up to date with global design trends whether for a start-up business or creating the ultimate home. Our in-house team can cover the entire renovation process from concept design to execution following a client’s requirements and budget. Such works range from a simple furniture design and layout to a comprehensive renovation with demolition and blocking.